ETC intends this document, whether printed or electronic, to be provided in its .. The SmartFade is assumed for instructions given in this manual with. SmartFade® ETC®. 1 of 2. SmartFade Series. GENERAL INFORMATION. SmartFade offers a great feature range including hands-on manual control. SmartFade , which provides channel basic Two Scene operation, channel To search more widely, try the ETC Web site at If.

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Congratulations on your download of the SmartFade ML control console. This manual To search more widely, try the ETC Web site at ETC®. 1 of 2. SmartFade® Series. GENERAL INFORMATION. Get smart – get SF SmartFade , 48 channel console. SF SmartFade , graphical user interface to all consoles in the SmartFade family, and an offline editing tool. This chapter contains the . Start > Programs > ETC > SmartSoft > Console updates > Downloader. Downloader SmartFade / SmartFade.

This is a free update for SmartFade ML owners and is recommended for all users. For any questions relating to the contents of this release or the behavior of this software, please contact ETC Technical Services at the office nearest you.

A list of ETC offices is given at the bottom of this page. Av a i l a b i l i t y This software is currently available in new shipping units and via software download from the ETC website.

Please keep this release note with your user manual for descriptions of the newest features, changes and bug fixes in the SmartFade ML software. Key Enhancements in v2.

Hundreds more devices in library. Bug fixes.

Key Enhancements in v1. Edit menu has been simplified. All Rights Reserved. Product information and specifications subject to change.

When viewing this manual electronically, click on the reference to jump to that section of the manual. Note: Notes are helpful hints and information that is supplemental to the main text. CAUTION: A Caution statement indicates situations where there may be undefined or unwanted consequences of an action, possible data loss or equipment problems.

Please comments about this manual to: 2 SmartSoft v2. Emergency service is available from all ETC offices outside of normal business hours. When calling for help, please have the following information handy: Console model and serial number located on back panel Dimmer manufacturer and installation type Other components in your system Unison, other consoles, etc. Americas Electronic Theatre Controls Inc.

Download the software from Install in your computer, make sure you install the PC drivers see below Ensure your console is running the latest software version see below Install PC drivers A SmartSoft installation has a revised driver file for the PC.

Once the software is installed, and the console s have been upgraded you must update the driver as follows: 1. Updating the console A compatible version of console software is included with the SmartSoft download, but this version may not be the most recent version of console software. Please check the ETC Web site for software updates. Hold the menu button and press ON until the display enters the self-test mode.

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Press Enter until the memory test is complete. Downloader should detect console and then ask for file. Mac Save the.

At the end of the self test the console will load the file from the SD card. When code is loaded and the console has re-started open the SmartSoft program. It should detect the console and open the correct version of SmartSoft. After a short time it should report the console as Online on the top of the screen.

SmartSoft will check if there is a console connected to your computer through USB when the program is started. If there is no console connected SmartSoft will start up as an offline editor allowing you to choose console from a popup. If you want to connect a console you need to restart SmartSoft.

If a console is connected, the same show will be loaded into SmartSoft, and it will run as part of the console application.

Introduction 5 10 6 SmartSoft v2. When used on it s own it allows you to simulate any of the SmartFade consoles. When used with a real console SmartSoft provides live views into the stored data and offers facilities to add text labels for show items and see the positions of fader levels to simplify level matching and ensure seamless operation.

Unlike a simple add-on video display, SmartSoft provides powerful tools for drag and drop editing, file management and integration with visualization software. It is recommended that you have a display resolution of at least x , however, x or greater is the optimum resolution for running SmartSoft 8 SmartSoft v2. This is all there is to navigating SmartSoft.

Click on a tab to select it. Software name 2. Name of loaded show file 3. Toggle Console Simulator see below 4. Open Help documentation folder 5. Exit SmartSoft 6.

Currently selected tab AND subselection drop down menu 7. In tabs where this applies you can select how many lines of text are displayed with the following symbols.

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The simulator may be used for training and practice and to see the results of shows built or edited off-line. To launch this console, click on the console symbol in the status bar at the top.

Current concert touring projects include Elton John and Coldplay. For more information on PRG, visit www. The company usually has fabric left over from its many drapery jobs which could be very beneficial to theatres in need throughout the nation and world.

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Some items have already been donated to St. The items are free. All InterAmerica requires in return is that the company or organization requesting the "drop" be a member of USITT and communicate how the drop will be used. The material can be picked up at InterAmerica's Central Florida Office or shipped for the cost of actual freight. Click here to go to the site to learn more.Palette references are displayed as F, C or B At the end of the self test the console will load the file from the SD card.

Show data will be lost and cannot be recovered.

After a short time it should report the console as Online on the top of the screen. At the end of the memory test the display will prompt: Firmware Upgrade Are you sure? The new building will house the entire Vortek division, including project management, engineering, manufacturing, materials, and downloading for all standard and custom products.

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